University of Vermont
Environmental Safety Facility

Request for Regulatory Determination
for Sink Disposal of Liquid Waste

Sink disposal of hazardous laboratory chemicals is forbidden by EPA and Vermont state regulations. If you are unsure of whether the chemical you're disposing of is considered hazardous under these regulations, follow these steps:

Step 1.

Does Burlington forbid its disposal in the sewer?

The Burlington sewer use ordinance forbids sending materials to the sewer that:

Step 2:

Search the current list of approved chemicals, using this search box or by reviewing the entire
list of determinations
or perform a search.

Step 3:

If your solution is not there, describe its characteristics in the form below and hit the submit button, A request for determination will be sent to the Environmental Safety Facility staff, who will do the research necessary to decide whether it is allowable for sink disposal.

Common name of the solution:
Amount to be disposed: Less than 10 litres
Greater than or equal to 10 litres
pH of solution:
Chemicals in the Solution:
Chemical Name Estimated Concentration
Be sure that your concentrations total 100%

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