UVM Environmental Safety Facility

ECP Appendix A: Accidents and Exposures

Procedures for Accidents and Exposures to Bloodborne Materials

Last Revised: February, 2010

Seek First Aid

Notify Your Supervisor

Employer First Report of Injury - Your supervisor is required to complete the First Report of Injury within 3 days (or use the Student Injury Report form if appropriate)

Send the original to the Risk Management Office and keep a copy.

Seek Medical Follow-up

Contact Concentra Health Care at 658-5756 within 24 hours (the sooner the better) to make an appointment for a post exposure follow-up.

They will need to know the details of the exposure, including

A Health Care Professional will
  • Evaluate the exposure
  • Determine if a vaccine should be given, and
  • Decide what other tests are necessary

    A written copy of their evaluation will be sent to you

    You may consult your private physician in which case you are responsible for forwarding any medical information to the Risk Management Department to help resolve your Workers Compensation claim.

  • If you have any follow-up questions, contact the Risk Management Department

    Important Phone Numbers and Addresses

    Concentra Health Care: (802) 658-5756
    7 Fayette Road, Suite 115 South Burlington, VT 05403

    Risk Management and Worker's Compensation: 656-3242

    Environmental Safety: 656-5400
    Environmental Safety Facility, esf@uvm.edu

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